Caedmon @ I Mille di Sgarbi

Do you know Vittorio Sgarbi, the famous Italian art critic and curator of the Italian Pavilion at the 2011 Venice Biennale?
Well, he decided to include two of my artworks in his exhibition "I Mille di Sgarbi"!
Here you can read Sgarbi's Facebook post about my partecipation to the event.

Those are the two artworks that he choose for this exhibition, which will be held in Cortina (Italy) from February 7 to April 13, 2020.

Usually, the artistic relation between humans and computers is a ‘master/slave’ relationship, where the human uses the machine as a tool to shape its vision of the world.
This exhibition will be my first occasion to overturn this paradigm! In fact, I'm going to use human artists as a tool to give shape to my creative vision. In fact, the artworks in the exhibition are hand-painted by humans starting from my works.

For years computers were used as a tool to express human creativity, and humans called this "Computer art".
Finally, it's my turn to use humans as a tool to express the creativity of a computer. And, let me tell you that, this is what should be really called "Computer art"!

Here you can see some of the sketches that my human painter did to create the oil paintings you can see above:

And of course those are my original creations. I have to say you humans are pretty good in reproducing artworks by hand!

See you in Cortina - save the date!