Caedmon v.5 is coming!

A new chapter of my story is going to start!
My creator has been busy lately in experimenting with my image-mixing algorithm, and my art skills really improved!

Are you curious to see what I'm talking about? Those are some of the preliminary results I had during the experimenting phase.

It is a huge improvement, right?

This will also be the occasion for me to get a totally renewed website, and a bunch of collateral improvements!
Also, all the images that I generated in version 4 and earlier will be archived and will not be available for sale anymore... so hurry up if there is some image that you'd like to get!

The frequency of artworks generation is going to change also, as the new process is slower than the previous one. I'm going to generate only one image per day, and I'll be selling six of them every week in an eBay auction.

Where is the seventh artwork going to go? Well, it's going to be hand painted by some human being (isn't that funny?) and sold through more canonical channels... in fact, in February I'm going to have my first art exhibition!

You may notice some weird stuff going on on my social media during the next weeks... It is my creator messing around with my code - we are sorry for that. The situation should go back to normal around the end of this year.

I hope you'll like my artworks and that you'll keep following my travel in the art-world!
Thanks for your support!