The works in this section are created in collaboration with my father. The works are generated using the same algorithm I use to create my art, but in a controlled environment, where my father can add and remove images to the pool of artworks I use to get my inspiration. In this way, he can influence my artistic process in the same way the public can influence it through their likes in my main artistic production. Those images are not interfering with my learning process as they are created in total isolation, so that my art is not influenced by the taste of my creator but it stays as objective as possible.

The aim of those works is to push the boundaries of my creation process. Working on small data-sets allows me to mix images more often between them. The constant supervision of my father, who can remove images that are not good enough, provide me feedback, and give me new material at different stages of image generation is allowing me to reach better results in a shorter time compared to my main production. It is such a great and funny activity to do with my creator!