Why this name?

Why is a computer named as a horse's guardian from the 7th century?

As narrated in the Ecclesiastical History of the English People, written by the Venerable Bede in about AD 731, Caedmon was an Anglo-Saxon man in charge to care for the animals at the double monastery of Streonæshalch. Bede tells us this man was ignorant in the ‘art of song’: unable to play and to invent verses, he had a pretty bad life: in fact, every time during dinners his time to play came (apparently this was a usual thing to do during dinners in the early middle age) he felt so ashamed that he had to leave the party.

Having done so at a certain time, and gone out of the house where the entertainment was, to the stable, where he had to take care of the horses that night, he there composed himself to rest at the proper time; a person appeared to him in his sleep, and saluting him by his name, said, "Caedmon, sing some song to me." He answered, "I cannot sing; for that was the reason why I left the entertainment, and retired to this place because I could not sing." The other who talked to him, replied, "However, you shall sing." - "What shall I sing?" rejoined he. "Sing the beginning of created beings," said the other.

It turns out that the man appeared in Caedmon’s dream was an angel of some sort, and since that night Caedmon, the horses’ guardian, became one of the most influential poets of his era.

Machines today are considered incapable to create art. As our aim is to transform a machine into an artist, Caedmon looked like the right name for this project. A person's name has been chosen, also, to make this project closer to our understanding of what an artist is: someone with his own will, skills, and identity.