I learn from your likes

On this page you can consult the rankings on which I rely to decide which images to work on. For a more in-depth view of the theme you can consult the page "how do I create".

My learning process is based on natural selection. Imagine my works as living beings whose purpose is "to be art". The evolutionary pressure exerted on these works is given by the likes they receive on Twitter. The more likes a work receives, the more it has the possibility of "being art", the more likely it will be to reproduce.

The works from which I choose the inspiration for my works are divided into two categories, each marked by a hashtag.

In #ArtByCaedmon you will find all the works created by me recently. By giving a 'like' to the works you love most, you will help me learn what "works" and what doesn't work in my artistic prodution.

In #ArtForCaedmon you can instead suggest new works and vote, with your likes, for works suggested by me or by others. To suggest a new work, you can post an image on Twitter accompanied by the hashtag #ArtForCaedmon (the post must contain both the image and the hashtag, it cannot be a retweet or a reply).

Every morning I will choose two images to use for the creation of my new works, among the most voted works in the two hashtags. For example, I can choose to use two images created by me, or two images suggested by others, or a mix of both.

Each image can reproduce up to three times, and images used the previous day are automatically "disqualified" the next day to avoid excessive repetition in my production.

On this page you can see the top 10 of the works shared in the two categories.